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#002 is back from Greece





Work in Progress

We received the prototype #002 of The DynaMight which is supposed to become the final version.


Upgraded specs

The DynaMight has got 2 channels now with a clean section based on blackface 60’s sound in addition to our beloved Trainwreck declination channel.


From the nice sparkling clean to gritty warm light overdrive, the guitar’s tone is always strong and bright, with a lot of sound nuances. Loads of (tight) bass, with incredible definition, and very detailed highs, to hear 100% of your playing : a classic Fenderish tone with Two Rock and Dumble attitudes.


The Dirt channel have less gain when cranked : a light-mid gain focus that increase the range of sweet spot. Of course, it still has the dynamic we loved on the #001.


No more LED system (the front hole is now closed) and boost section on this #002.


What’s next ?

We’ll test speakers and tubes (new productions, as if we were about to sell them ; and NOS tubes, for our own 😉 ).


Meanwhile, there is some last finishing details we wanna think about (that’s why this blogpost have no new picture ;)).

If we’re under the spell of the current tweedish design, this finish would fit better with other more Fenderian projects. We plan to review our copy and work on a finish more in the DynaMight thematic.


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