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Testing : Prototypes & Speakers !





Work in Progress

When Le Brame meets the DynaMight

We did make a global test session with or (previously) selected speakers (in our home-made open back testing cabs) and Le Brame and The DynaMight #001 prototypes.


All together, we set up some A/B tests to define what’s the best match for each rocking device. We also wanted to face our protos to others high-end boutique gear and see if all of this was worth it.


Our 12 inch 8 ohms speakers selection was :

Tayden Ace 50 (a couple of them, our favorite, for the A/B tests)
– Celestion Gold
– Eminence Black Mountain


We had some of the best pieces of boutique gear for comparison, such as Swart STR & AST, Vintage 47 amps or others old National vintage amp, upgraded Blackfaces and Tweeds.


In every battle, Le Brame had that little thing that makes it even more attractive in its distorted field of action.


Le Brame has a very ‘big’ open sound, full of good mojo, with lots of midrange, captivating low-ends and smooth highs. Like the squall of the dear, its overdrive has a lovely rough texture that reminds you the tone of old amps.


To be honest, we did not expect it would be that close from Swart STR (with identical speaker !) : they have very different schematics, tubes, etc. It was a surprise !


Note that we had to use the Tayden speaker on the Swart to have fair “Circuitry vs Circuitry” fight, because the ACE 50 is MUCH better than the original 12″ Mojotone from the STR combo !


Cleans had probably more definition on the Swart, but when comes the time to reach overdriven tones, Le Brame gets #1.

Conclusion : We need to improve the clean section, even if it’s not the main field of the beast 😉


The DynaMight had no particular opponent in its category. Once again, we liked the combo DynaMight in addition with another amp (Le Brame, Swart, Deluxe, …). It blends very well !



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