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DynaMight Prototype #001





Work in Progress

proto dynamight


Direct from Greece : the first prototype of The DynaMight has landed in our headquarter.


First of all, FX did an AMAZING job with the tweed’n’tolex job ! This is a master piece for sure : the unpacking gave us an instant boner ! WAW


Inside this beautiful craftwork, you’ll find a mono canal amplifier based on the Trainwreck Express, revisited and tweaked by FX amps. As announced, it sounds very different from the usual standard productions.



Dual Channel like system

The DynaMight is a mono canal amplifier with 2 separated drive and master volume controls. Then, you can have 2 different gain settings on the same tonal basis. That’s what we like to call the dual channel-like system.


The 2 “channels” are pretty much the same, but the second one has a little bit more gain and a bright switch for the voicing. Even if there were called CLEAN and DRIVE, you can reach a good level of distortion with the CLEAN channel, while having dynamic clean with DRIVE side of the amp.



The main thing about this amp is that it’s so dynamic that your playing style is almighty. Super feeling with direct response to variations, subtle but rich harmonics and an overall voicing that mix very well with others amps in some A+B combo.



The amp shine from inside with blue (clean) and red (drive) leds depending on the selected channel.


DynaMight-proto-BlueLED DynaMight-proto-RedLED


For now, the “TAKE OFFtube boost section doesn’t give us the little more expected.
We need to think about it again !


What’s next ?

We’re gonna do more tests and send it back to FX amps then for the final mods.




DynaMight-proto- 4




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