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New amp project : The DynaMight





Work in Progress

It’s another cool amplifier project that is starting now !
We wanted something that sounds different than the usual current production standards. (Marshall, Vox, Fender, Mesa, …)


We had a few ideas inside the collective but we wanted to work with an experimented-but-still-underground pro/semi-pro builder to complete this Tone Quest… In order to evaluate how positive such a collaborative development might be for each of us.


After some investigation, we decided to work togheter with FX Amplification, a french boutique manufacturer based in Greece. François “FX” Xavier Defaut makes killing-eyes custom works that gives you instant eargasms.
We were very impressed by his products quality and decided to give him a try !


FX had previously worked on his take on the legendary Trainwreck Express for a customer. We decided to start from this base to develop ‘something else’ with a touch sensitive dynamic and rich harmonics.


As “special” features, we decided to put a Tube Boost with gain control, a Tube Effects Loop and what we like to call the “Dual Channel-like System” : It’s a mono channel amp with 2 separated gain & volume controls that allows you to access 2 different settings.


Check the DynaMight’s page for further upgrades !


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