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First prototype is ready





Work in Progress

Here it is ! The first prototype is built !

The first results are pretty good ! The baby is well born 😉


We organized a blind-test session to match the perfect speaker & tubes to the amp. (Below is a list of the references used).


We need to do more tests for the built-in reverb tank : the current solution give us no satisfaction at all !


Another proto is under construction in order to make some comparison. The new one will be loaded with new caps (Mallory/Jupiter instead of Orange drop), tubes and some others tweaks.


Our selected speakers :

12″ Celestion Blue Alnico
12″ Celestion Gold
12″ Celestion Vintage 30
12″ Celestion Greenback Heritage
12″ Eminence Black Mountain
12″ Weber Alnico Signature
12″ Weber 12F150
12″ Tayden Ace 25
12″ Tayden Ace 50
12″ Tayden Smooth
15″ from cab Ampeg B15N

Tubes  :

6L6GC : JJ, Electro Harmonix, Sino, GT, TAD, Ruby, RCA, Sylvania, GE & Philips)
6SL6WGT : Sylvania (5 different versions)
6SL6GT : Sylvania, RCA (+red base), Full Music, GE & Raytheon)
6SL7GT : Tung Sol (new production & NOS)
ECC35 : Mullard

Guitars used :

– Fender Telecaster (Suhr pickups), Stratocaster 50’s (Steffsen pickups) & Jazzmaster (Lollar Pickups)
– Gibson Les Paul (P90 Bare Knuckle) & ES 339 (Classic 57 pickups)
– Loic LePape Steelmaster (Curtis Novak pickups)


leBrame prototype1


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