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News from the Lab

  New year resolution ! We have reconsidered our dream amp’s vision !  Yes, we really like the way our amps behaves at this point. Yes, Le Brame & The DynaMight are almost finish.  Yes, mono canal amps are for real rocker. BUT In everyday situation, especially for pedals freaks like us, it’s always a good […]

Prototypes everywhere !

  When Le Brame meets the DynaMight We did make a global test session with or (previously) selected speakers (in our home-made open back testing cabs) and Le Brame and The DynaMight #001 prototypes. All together, we set up some A/B tests to define what’s the best match for each rocking device. We also wanted to […]

First prototype is ready

Here it is ! The first prototype is built ! The first results are pretty good ! The baby is well born 😉 We organized a blind-test session to match the perfect speaker & tubes to the amp. (Below is a list of the references used). We need to do more tests for the built-in reverb […]

Le Brame : Project started !

First Amp Project started ! Le Brame : (n.) french translation for the squall of the deer. Le Brame : (nm) cri de rut du cerf. Draft Specifications Power Output : +/- 15 Watts Output Tubes : 2 x powertubes + Cathode Biased Preamp Tubes : tba Rectifier : tube Controls : Less is more […]