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First prototype is ready





Brame, Work in Progress


Here it is ! The first prototype is built !

The first results are pretty good ! The baby is well born ūüėČ

We organized a blind-test session to match the perfect speaker & tubes to the amp. (Below is a list of the references used).

We need to do more tests for the built-in reverb tank : the current solution give us no satisfaction at all !

Another proto is under construction in order to make some comparison. The new one will be loaded with new caps (Mallory/Jupiter instead of Orange drop), tubes and some others tweaks.


Our selected speakers :

12″ Celestion Blue Alnico
12″¬†Celestion Gold
12″¬†Celestion Vintage 30
12″¬†Celestion Greenback Heritage
12″¬†Eminence Black Mountain
12″¬†Weber Alnico Signature
12″ Weber 12F150
12″¬†Tayden Ace 25
12″¬†Tayden Ace 50
12″¬†Tayden Smooth
15″ from cab Ampeg B15N

Tubes  :

6L6GC : JJ, Electro Harmonix, Sino, GT, TAD, Ruby, RCA, Sylvania, GE & Philips)
6SL6WGT : Sylvania (5 different versions)
6SL6GT : Sylvania, RCA (+red base), Full Music, GE & Raytheon)
6SL7GT : Tung Sol (new production & NOS)
ECC35 : Mullard

Guitars used :

– Fender Telecaster (Suhr pickups), Stratocaster 50’s (Steffsen pickups) & Jazzmaster (Lollar Pickups)
– Gibson Les Paul (P90 Bare Knuckle) & ES 339 (Classic 57 pickups)
– Loic LePape Steelmaster (Curtis Novak pickups)


leBrame prototype1


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